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About Us

bPro is a powerful cloud-based system that enables employers and employees to monitor, measure and improve their field staff productivity by simplifying the process of in-app field force reporting. This cutting-edge system allows management to keep a track of field force reports and progress while actively saving on operational costs – all in real-time.

Today, bPro is the most relevant field force manager. After amazing feedback from businesses across the world and over twenty years of R&D, we are the ultimate Field Force Management platform; and one that’s completely intuitive to use, no matter the industry or need.

bPro leverages technology like GPS and Push to ensure seamless mobile data collection and field reporting from your field staff. We have designed our systems with both employers and employees in mind, helping field staff get more productive and management, more effective.

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Image by Fakurian Design

Who Are We?

Businesses all over the world required a unified solution to manage their remote staff, whether it was their in-field sales staff, research team, delivery staff, supervisors, or any other data collection team.

The need was real and looming large while the challenges were one too many.


bPro is a system conceived after heavy brainstorming and was backed by our combined experience of over two decades. We have evolved into a powerful Field Force Management Cloud System that redefines the way your field staff go about their day-to-day tasks. With the mobile application that uses cutting-edge Field Force Management features, bPro overhauls the way your business communicates with its field staff.

We tackle multiple stress-points on the average field force journey and helps navigate tight turns without cutting any corners; all with no supervisory intervention. In fact, bPro makes the job of a supervisor or manager much more convenient.

We have a solution for every step in the process to help make quick decisions while managing field staff. The bPro platform also offers management a choice to either actively monitor their field force or to set it on autopilot and leave your field force to go about their job, effectual and hassle-free.

We strongly believe in lightening the load on both, field staff and management equally. Therefore, we have designed the system and it's processes to help boost morale and amplify clear and transparent communication between employer and employee in the best way possible.

Real time field force management

at your fingertips.

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