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Agro Farm Force

bPro was developed to simplify field staff reporting, and has worked especially well with the Agro Industry in particular. We are often approached by organizations from the Agriculture Sector to see how our software could help make their field force more productive, our team decided to first understand the challenges faced by the Agri Business.

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Typical Agri-Business Model


  • Majority of the workforce are in the field.

  • The factory largely depends on data collected and submitted by their field staff.

  • The sustainability of the business depends on authentic field data in a timely manner.

What Are The Key Challenges?

  • Managing a large field force.

  • Loss of man hours.

  • Authentic data for planning unavailable.

  • Unable to transmit data in real-time.

  • Unable to manage trip expenses/allowance because of low control over staff movement.

  • Too much paper work.

  • Unable to manage and measure performance.

Do We Have Solutions


  • bPro Dashboard gives the freedom to view and manage employee location and route map.

  • Employee can now start the day from the field by clocking in using the smartphone.

  • All reports submitted are tagged with a GPS location pin to authenticate data.

  • All reports are pushed in real-time to the supervisor via email.

  • Customized reports to capture trip expenses and allowance details.

  • Go Green! No paperwork.

  • View and download reports in Excel for further analytics or for upload to an ERP software.

  • Allocate task to field staff and receive real-time updates on task status until completion.

  • Synchronize all important dates to your smartphone calendar using an inbuilt feature.


Attendance Report

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