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On-The-Go Reporting: The On-The-Go Reporting feature eliminates tedious and labor-intensive manual data entry. Employees can efficiently collect and submit field data on-the-go, making field reporting simple, quick, and effective. 

Customizable Forms: Whether you own a business, non-profit organization, or work in the educational or healthcare sector, our Customizable Forms makes it easy to build, create, and publish forms. We can customize your forms with personalized date fields to suit your unique needs. This feature eases data collection and information management, such as payables, registrations, appointments, uploads, and more.

GPS Tagging: Field reporting comes with GPS Tagging which means every report submitted is tagged with the user location to ensure accuracy of data collection.


Report History: Data, information, and reports retrieval has never been easier. Using the Report History feature managers can view real-time reports and data as far back as 90 days to elevate decision making.


Email Alerts: Time is of the essence which is why we automate alerts for every report submitted by your employees. The reports are forwarded by email to your bPro inbox in real-time so that you never miss an important update.


User-Friendly UI: Our interface is clean and intuitive so that users can quickly and easily navigate through different functionalities without wasting time. Decrease search time and increase user satisfaction with our intuitive layout.

Field Reporting
Team Locations

User Location: Managing a huge task force is daunting, especially in field marketing. Managing a field force can be difficult as you don’t always know their precise location. bPro provides you with real-time location updates so that you can easily allocate tasks based on staff members geographic location, optimizing your field force productivity.

Route Map: Your marketing strategy is essential for growing your business. Our Route Map feature helps managers monitor their mobile marketing team and field staff in real-time. Monitor their work, assign client visits, delegate duties, and more 


Battery Indicator: Remotely view your field staff’s mobile device battery levels to ensure they charge before they run out.


User Idle Time: Optimize field staff management by measuring and monitoring the idle time of any user at any of your assigned locations.


Location History: Access past travel history, current routes, and hours worked for your field staff over the last 90 days. This is both on-the-go reporting and a tool for optimizing field force productivity.


User-Friendly UI: Our interface is clean and intuitive so that users can quickly and easily navigate through different functionalities without wasting time. 

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Schedule Tasks
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Create and Assign Tasks: Optimize field force productivity by creating and assigning tasks to field staff by their precise location. This minimizes assigning tasks to someone who isn’t currently in the area their Supervisor assumed they might be.

Task Flow and Alerts: Every task assigned is automatically pushed to the user’s mobile device. As the user completes different stages of their task, a status update is displayed on the manager dashboard.


Set Turnaround Time: When creating a task, you can set a timeframe for completion. This feature helps field staff managers keep track of deadlines, tasks, and other to-dos in an efficient manner.


Sync With Calendar: Time is of the essence, so get the most out of it using the SYNC With Calendar feature. Every task is synced to the user’s device calendar to automate scheduling and reminders.


View Status Updates: Now you can monitor tasks on-the-go. Using this feature all Status Updates can be viewed and downloaded from the dashboard ensuring timely delivery of the task.


GPS Tagging: Every assigned task tags the GPS location by default so that there is increased accountability. 

Upload KML/KMZ Files: Upload KML/KMZ files through the dashboard which can be instantly accessed by your staff on their mobile devices. Initially developed to assist field staff in the agriculture sector, it delivers field force productivity across multiple industries.  


View Polygons: Field staff can view their current location within a polygon, which then enables them to retrieve area-specific data and details. 


View Farm Data: Viewing farm data on-the-go rapidly improves the accuracy of field data collection and reporting. It minimizes guesswork and assists in field staff management.


Geofence Reporting: A field office can report from any farm, but with Geofence Reporting, the field ID and area is populated in the report by default. This drastically reduces errors in on-the-go reporting.  


Excel Data Uploads: Managers can compile farm data in MS Excel and upload the file to the bPro dashboard. The uploaded data can be utilized by field officers to authenticate ground data. This feature is crucial for field staff productivity and efficient operations.


Geo Tagging:  Reports are automatically geo tagged to ensure location accuracy.

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View Your Team: One of the key aspects of managing your field staff productivity, is knowing where they are. The bPro Dashboard empowers you to see where your team is in real-time.


Manage User License: Once you have been allocated a license by bPro Admin, you have the flexibility to reassign users within your team.


Allocate Forms To Users: You maintain full control over managing and allocating forms within your team.


Manage GPS settings: As an admin, you can manage and adjust the GPS settings of your team at any time.


Create Departments: Designating departments helps HOD’s manage their field force productivity and efficiency.


Automate Email Alerts: Automate action-triggered emails so that you are notified of all new reports, updates, and more. 

Admin Dashboard

View Reports: Data is crucial for business, which is why every report users submit can be viewed directly from the dashboard. This feature enables managers to extract data from different systems, applications, and departments to identify trends and make informed decisions based on real-time data.


Report History: Access 90-day report history on the dashboard.


Download Reports: Download reports to MS Excel format for further analytics or use.


Filter By User: conveniently view reports by user


Filter By Report: Filter and view only the reports most pertinent to you.


Download Images: Attached images are downloadable for future reference or use.

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